What to do?

Ok so I got most of my RL stuff sorted out (most) but feel like I should be able to write a bit now just … well to be honest its been too long and I don’t really know how I should continue this … I think I may just be better of starting anew. Just I know how bad it feels to have something stop like this and knowing me I will most likely go underground again every now and then so I think this may be my last post on here for a while (I will still check this site and answer) will most likely start writing something new and once I have a few chapters done post them on “Royal Road” which has a lot of amazing stories on there. Just thought I put this up here. Sigh…. Hope your live is going well mine is slowly getting back on track :/



As always i am very inconsistent and am sorry for that my life is just not going how I want it. I will be writing. Just lots of stuff making me depressed/frustrated :C

I do hope however that I will be able to write in the next few weeks currently not at home will be from Sunday onward … sight … just my head is quite full atm and I do not really know what to do with my live. I am however still alive and am still planing to continue writing I just wanted to put this out here so that you guys know …

Day 25 released

Was actually still laying around like that not much was changed ~500 words so not really anything great … Will probably change a few things up with the next releases since I am forgot some of the things I had planned but MEH will just write whatever I feel like for now ~sry about that but you know there was quite a big downtime and all so I guess we have to deal with it.

Will also try Writing other POVs not follow the “Day”- Chapter style anymore since well lets be honest it not very likely that every day is full of events and I also want to write more of an “observer” kind of view to be able to write more about specific situations.

Just a reminder English is NOT my main language ;P

What happened?

Well I think it is time that I explain some of the things that have taken place.

First of I had some serious RL problems lets start with the last release…

To be honest I was pretty much done with my life … and had an suicide attempt the following week …

After stopping this attempt I talked to my parents and ended up in treatment (which was obviously the right choice) so after that it went quite well and I actually even managed to finish the year positively (school and emotions).

So here I am after another phase of depression thinking about what to do :/

Just wanted to let u guys know a bit about what happened to me have not really been able to think straight about writing after all that but I would consider trying it again.